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Name Team Sport Votes Share
Darnell Nurse Darnell Nurse Ice hockey 26
Sylvia Fowles Sylvia Fowles Basketball 26
Patrik Auda Patrik Auda Basketball 24
OG Anunoby OG Anunoby Toronto Raptors Basketball 23
Quenton Nelson Quenton Nelson American football 23
Cooper Kupp Cooper Kupp American football 22
John Carlson John Carlson Ice hockey 22
Aleksandra Crvendakić Aleksandra Crvendakić Basketball 21
Hanne Mestdagh Hanne Mestdagh Basketball 21
Josh Giddey Josh Giddey Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball 21
Li Yueru Li Yueru Basketball 21
Hamed Haddadi Hamed Haddadi Basketball 20
Igor Shesterkin Igor Shesterkin Ice hockey 20
Jacqueline Benítez Jacqueline Benítez Basketball 20
Jimmy Butler Jimmy Butler Miami Heat Basketball 20
Leandro Bolmaro Leandro Bolmaro Basketball 20
Leonard Williams Leonard Williams American football 20
Tyreek Hill Tyreek Hill American football 20
Yui Hasegawa Yui Hasegawa Association football 20
Catarina Macario Catarina Macario Association football 19
Miye Oni Miye Oni Basketball 19
Pavel Buchnevich Pavel Buchnevich Ice hockey 19
Quinn Hughes Quinn Hughes Ice hockey 19
Trent Williams Trent Williams American football 19
William Nylander William Nylander Ice hockey 19

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